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We have developed a mobile platform that brings together people with similar interests; we connect them around topics and brands they love and keep them engaged through relevant content and experiences.

By implementing the latest technology in the right way for the right moment Virgla aims to disrupt the traditional way of publishing and advertising.

Through a combination of quality co-created content and brand experiences, Virgla wants to inspire users to visit new places locally but also abroad, discover new tastes, explore new topics of interest, style-up their days and reach out to new adventures.



    Users come to Virgla because they get relevant content on topics of interest, feel the belonging to a community
    and receive benefits from brands.

    We have developed 4 channels and daily topics; Lifestyle, Travel, Food, Fashion. Through our content we want to educate, delight, inspire users. Trigger them to visit new places in town but also abroad, try different tastes, explore new topics of interest, reach out to new experiences.


    Brands advertise on Virgla because it opens for them a new channel of one-on-one communication with consumers, achieve better engagement and through Virgla they have a better understanding of who their consumer is and what they expect from the brand.

    We make it very easy to deliver interactive and relevant content at the right time with our own Content Management System.


    Virgla powers the relationship with the following product/content features:

    We allow users to interact with the physical things around them through enhanced content like video, gallery, customer feedback, polls, photo contests and more.

    We engage users with proximity/location based content.

    We inspire users to engage with people that share their interests.


Press Kit

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Are you an investor and Virgla sounds interesting with great potential? Download our Investor's Deck to learn more what we are offering and what are the terms and conditions.

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